The History

Land and Satellite GPS tracking for Oil & Gas and Mining industries has been the nature of the company business for several years, while providing software application for taylor-made tracking, marine navigation and Fleet Management System.

Besides that origin product, now the company is expanding its businesses to more wider scopes and business lines by creating more core products to 2 major customer’s area: Military-Police and Public-Private.

As for the Military-Police client target, Advanced TMS offers not only the off-the-shelf product, imported from overseas but more to enhancing the original product with taylor-made software or application to suit customer specific and exclusive expectation.

As for the Public-Private sector, Advanced TMS offers wider solutions from Project Management, Asset Management, Operation Management as well as Cyber Security.

With these expanding scope and business lines, Advanced TMS has set up more project offices and overseas representative offices outside Australia, to cater opportunity in Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Vision and Mission

Pat Williams

CEO of Advanced TMS

Company is established in Darch-Perth, Australia and is focusing on providing specific solutions to enhance the customer businesses and improve the efficiency of its day-to-day activities through sophisticated and affordable technology.


To be a world leading source of technology-based  systems for diverse defense and civilian applications through innovation.


Mission of company is transformed to Five Advanced TMS’s Core values :

  • Customer Focused Solution
  • Never-ending Innovation
  • Technology Leadership
  • Social Sustainability
  • Teamwork and Synergy

" As part of Advanced TMS, i have been in the industries for more than 15 years from Oil and Gas, Mining, Telecom to Military industries.
Vast experience in the top leading Multinational company build International portfolio that useful for business expansion of Advanced TMS within Australia as well as to Asia, Africa and Middle-East.
Advanced TMS is focusing Major business lines which based on Target Customer:

  • Military
  • Public & Private Sector

As for Military we have just work only through Government-Owned companies.
In other hand, our support to Public and Private sector is not limited to certain Industries but more to niche products and services which are mostly needed by Medium to Large scale companies that implement modern system in order to improve their business performance through structured and efficient process and control.
Advanced TMS can help to boost your performance by providing relevant product and service to your company. "

Military and Intelligence

  • Military Asset Management System
  • Battle Management system
  • Military Radios
  • Intelligence

Public and Private sector

  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Cyber Security Solution

Office :

Advanced TMS Pty. Ltd

6 Fermoy Link, Darch, WA, 6065.

Contact :
Pat Williams
+61 427 855 010